Happy Green Monday!

Today is Green Monday, which means holiday shopping for the earth-friendly is in full force! If you are looking for a way to stay green this Holiday we have a few suggestions for you..

Stop by local favorite, Abide a While, and pick up some fig trees and loose narcissus bulbs for planting inside – it will add the perfect pop of green to your holiday decor and makes for a great hostess gift!

2013-12-09Looking for a one-of-a-kind piece for your vintage loving sister-in-law? Come by the Novel. Showroom today and receive 20% off your Library: Archives of Fashion purchase in honor of Green Monday.

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Searching for a great way to decorate and stay green this holiday? Make use of the trimmings from the bottom of your Christmas tree by creating an eye-catching addition to your mantle or finishing touch to your Christmas wrapping, which would otherwise go to waste!

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One of our daily reads, Bare Beauty Blog is the go-to expert for all things green – from beauty products and mouth-watering recipes to healthcare and how-to’s.

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If you have not yet had a chance, stop by the Festival of Wreaths at the Charleston Place Hotel it is a must see! Check out Novel. artist, Way Way Allen’s creation is currently on display.


Happy Green shopping!



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