What We Are Thankful

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the Holidays we have dedicated this post to the people who we are thankful for each and every day!

Jane Pope Cooper of Jane Pope Jewelry is thankful for…

“After a health scare (stay tuned to my blog for a post with more details),  I am more thankful for health and family than ever! Every day I have with my sweet babies and hubby is an amazing blessing.”


Way Way Allen, abstract artist, is thankful for..
“Health, especially my cousin, Jane Pope Cooper, my  family and children who are always there to love and support me.”
“The safe delivery of the latest addition to my family, Hugh, and the continuing good health of my hubby and daughter, Evie.”
Liza of Bon Vivant is thankful for…
“My amazing friends and family, especially my husband and sweet puppy.”
We are so fortunate to be continuously supported by loving family and friends and loyal Novel. supporters! Join us in celebrating the holidays on December 4th at the Novel. Showroom on King Street!
We hope to see you all there!

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