What’s new at Novel: Way Way Allen Debuts New Collection

We have some exciting news for all the Blue Chickadee fans out there, Way Way Allen, abstract expressionist, Blue Chickadee founder and Novel. co-founder will be hosting a show at Novel. on November 14th from 6 to 7 pm! Way Way will be debuting a host of new works on a wide range of mediums from canvas to wood panels using her signature abstract style.

Way Way New Works Invite

Columbia based artist and father to Way Way, Robert Kennedy, will be a special guest at the show with a few samples of his own work. Kennedy’s work centers on the male and female figure using various mediums such as conte crayon, charcoal, graphite and watercolor.


A sampling of some of Way Way’s original works of art to be displayed at the show.

Way Way’s art is inspired by Charleston’s sea and sand and all those fresh hues that make this city a beautiful place to live. She works through strong fluid movements influenced by pattern, color, light and the beauty of negative space.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.35.47 AM

Way Way’s new site will be up and running shortly! (stay tuned)

We hope to see you all there!



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